Latin (trans): to suggest, bring to mind, supply, provide or offer.
Saturday, 4 July 2015


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As a candidate we want you to experience an unrivalled service, where feedback and advice are a minimum requirement, let alone a scarcity. We have listened to our candidates, and a number of themes emerge, all of which are clear indicators of the poor state of the Recruitment sector right now. Instead of promoting the continuing bad practices of many Recruitment firms, we hope to revolutionise the recruitment industry by setting an example.

Suggero was created with you in mind. Thanks to developments in technology; new exciting markets and opportunities have been created. However, it can be extremely difficult to enter these markets applying directly on your own, hence Suggero.

As a smaller niche agency we can get you to market faster and our help and advice will be invaluable to your next career move. We have numerous examples of candidates being placed with other agencies, but coming back to us for help, something we are only too happy to offer.

Company Profile

Suggero is a new company incorporated in 2007 by an IT Contractor (the brains) and a long-time serving Recruiter (the service). After experiencing service "unlike any other", the brains in the organisation decided it was time to offer that service to a wider market, a decision which proved crucial in the set up and on going growth of this small agency.