Latin (trans): to suggest, bring to mind, supply, provide or offer.
Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Consultancy Services

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Suggero Consulting is a technology and business consulting company dedicated to the Healthcare sector and helping its leaders at a Local and National level to define objectives and develop effective solutions - improving care and ultimately delivering tangible benefits for every UK citizen.

We work in a structured but flexible way with clients at a Local and National level, promoting excellent relationships between everyone involved. Our collective experience enables Suggero to deliver services whilst developing others to meet and/or exceed expectations across a wide range of Healthcare Projects. Our specialism's, recognised throughout sector for their excellence, include:

Strategic Consulting

  • Strategy development
  • Strategic planning
  • Management of organisation and transformation change
  • Business case development and appraisal
  • Investment planning development and appraisal

Programme Management

  • Vision development management
  • Strategic portfolio planning management
  • Facilitation and support of Programmes
  • Stakeholder management and analysis
  • Benefits Management
  • Identification
  • Realisation planning and modelling

Risk and Issue Management

  • Analysis, monitoring, mitigation and resolution
  • Modelling
  • Planning

Quality Management

  • Quality Assurance framework
  • Management and planning of test and validation life cycles

Capability improvement services

  • Leadership development
  • Mentoring and knowledge transfer
  • Organisational development
  • Growth and maturity modelling

Project Management

  • Project planning
  • Monitor & Control against plan

Change Analysis

  • Business process engineering
  • Business process modelling
  • Gap analysis & Change control management
  • Business Process Design

Company Profile

Suggero is a new company incorporated in 2007 by an IT Contractor (the brains) and a long-time serving Recruiter (the service). After experiencing service "unlike any other", the brains in the organisation decided it was time to offer that service to a wider market, a decision which proved crucial in the set up and on going growth of this small agency.