Latin (trans): to suggest, bring to mind, supply, provide or offer.
Sunday, 5 July 2015

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Suggero is a Recruitment firm setup in 2007 with the intention of supplying the very best IT, Project Management and Business Analysis resources in the market. We have grown quickly and now work across a variety of sectors and verticles including IT, Media, Gaming, Healthcare, Health and Fitness, Central and Local Government, Sales and Procurement.

Our passionate, personalised, precise and professional approach to recruitment has enabled us to recruit any candidate in any sector, often succeeding where others have failed. Although we do specialise in certain areas, we feel no job is too small or big for our experienced team.

If you are in any doubt we ask you to get in touch to find out more about our service! Feel free to give us your difficult requirements, we are happy to rise to the challenge and demonstrate that with passion, belief and understanding; our unique method will achieve the result you are looking for...

Our motto: Suggero Consultancy and Recruitment - The way it should be...


Personal: There is no Recruitment without Relationship...
Clients - Let us show the difference between a recruitment agency and a trusted resourcing partner that works hard to fully meet your needs and objectives.
Candidates - Aren't you sick of being 'sold roles'? - Let us show you how to enjoy finding your next role and build a solid working relationship with one of career advisors.

Passionate: Don't be too surprised how much you enjoy dealing with us...
Whether Client or Candidate an amazing 1 in 3 of you refer colleagues to us that we place ... Wouldn't you like to find out why?

Precise: Right Results First Time...
'If you don't get it right the first time - There may not be a next time.'
Clients - We know that and so do you, let us save you time and money the first time.
Candidates - We know that selling you irrelevant roles won't make you happy - We can show you how it should be done and ensure we keep in good contact throughout.

Professional: We believe true professionalism is earned through establishing integrity and trust in our service...
We don't just talk up our values and expect you to believe we are professionals without first demonstrating it. We act and maintain our values througout the recruitment process in order to build trust and demonstrate our integrity as a group of professionals trying to do the best job we can. It is our belief that this will earn our status as a professional recruitment firm and will enable us to grow with support of the wider market.

Company Profile

Suggero is a new company incorporated in 2007 by an IT Contractor (the brains) and a long-time serving Recruiter (the service). After experiencing service "unlike any other", the brains in the organisation decided it was time to offer that service to a wider market, a decision which proved crucial in the set up and on going growth of this small agency.